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Probate and Estate Administration

Daphne Stern, Esq.

329 Eastwood Road

Woodmere, NY 11598

Tel. (516) 295-0962

After the death of a loved one, the decedent's Will must be implemented and the assets protected. The Will must be filed in the Surrogate's Court, along with a probate petition and related documents. The Court will review the Will to make sure that it is valid and that the required heirs and family members have notice of the probate.  Probate is a means of enforcing the Will of the decedent and effectuating his or her wishes.  While there are circumstances where probate could and should be avoided, in many cases, this is a necessary and protective proceeding.  If all is in order, the Court will issue a probate decree appointing the Executor of the estate and issuing Letters Testamentary, giving the Executor authority to collect and distribute the deceased's property.  I have over twenty years of experience navigating the Surrogate's (Probate) Courts and ensuring an efficient and effective probate. 

After the Executor is appointed, there are various tasks that must be performed which is known as the estate administration.  I will provide guidance as to the items that you may attend to on your own, and assist you with all legal matters in the administration, such as estate tax filings, inventory of assets, receipt and release agreements upon distribution to heirs, and issues relating to particular property and assets. 

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