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A trust is a legal structure that can be personalized to help you plan for the future. There are many reasons to create a trust.  It may be in your best interest to avoid probate through the use of a living trust.  You may wish to provide for children and grandchildren, and protect them in case of divorce or creditor issues. A trust may be created to protect the benefits received by a child with special needs.  A life insurance policy may be placed in a trust to prevent it from increasing your estate to a taxable amount.  Estate taxes may be minimized through the use of other types of trusts.  Charitable giving can be done in a tax-effective manner through the use of an IRS approved trust.  I will meet with you to discuss how trusts may be utilized to accomplish a wide variety of goals, tailored to your specific circumstances and needs. 

Daphne Stern, Esq.

329 Eastwood Road

Woodmere, NY 11598

Tel. (516) 295-0962

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